[ND005] Skull Woods

[ND005] Skull Woods

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Skull Woods – Aquarium Driftwood

Natural driftwood is all collected in the nature and then processed to prevent batterias. They are in many shapes and styles to create natural appearance for your décor choices, mini landscape, natural bonsai layouts by combining well with many types of rock, moss, bucep, plants, air plants…

Best suited mosses for attaching canopy of natural driftwood : minitaiwan, xmas, peacock, taiwan, pelia, minipelia, weeping, jade, riccia..- All items are fumigated & qualified for export- Safe for water environment, plant, fish, shrimp…
– Natural driftwood contains tannic acid, a natural compound occuring that stains water yellow or brown-tannins are responsible for creating “blackwater” habitats like the Amazon River. To prevent tannins from affecting your water chemistry, boil the bonsai driftwood or soak it for a peroid of 1 week before adding it to the tank. Boiling and soaking driftwood will help facilitate the release of the tannins, thus decreasing the chance that the bonsai driftwood will cause a pH drop in your tank.


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15cm x 12cm

20cm x 15cm

25cm x 20cm


30cm x 25cm

35cm x 25cm

40cm x 30cm

45cm x 30cm


50cm x 40cm

60cm x 40cm

70cm x 50cm

75cm x 45cm




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